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Solar Operated Gates

Go Green with a Solar Powered Gate Operator

GateMaster Gate Operators are powered with 24 vdc motors making them an exceptional solar gate operator. Choose our recommended solar package to be sure your gate will open no matter the local weather conditions. Call our trained sales staff for more information on our Solar Zone Package : 1-877-313-8901

AGA Solar Package

  • 2 - 12v/15 amp hour deep cycle batteries
  • 1 -30 watt / 24V solar panel (includes 10 foot cable)
  • solar charger regulator
  • Weatherproof locking control box
  • add solar panels and batteries for heavy use or mostly cloudy conditions
  • includes hardware kit

Tips for a trouble free solar gate installation

  • Face solar panel(s) due south (When using 2 or more panels you can face one panel slightly south east for morning sun)
  • Be sure the solar panel is mounted in full sunlight without trees or other obstacles
  • Practice good battery maintenance and monitor voltage levels with a digital multi-meter monthly
  • Access controls and or high use will draw current continually so be sure to consult Amazing Gates for your situation
  • Consider insulating the batteries in extreme heat or cold conditions with Styrofoam, bubble wrap or other insulation material
  • In extreme cold, battery heaters may be required