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Custom Driveway Gates for Sale

Amazing Gates has been making and distributing custom driveway gates and iron fencing since 1998. Installing our custom driveway gates requires no extra drilling or painting for our gates or gate operator installation. This system is tried and true, will cut time by two-thirds, and won’t damage the finish.

You can also send us a drawing or photo of your design. If you need inspiration, we have plans of custom driveway gates posted on our website that are Amazing Gates originals. If you want an original design for a custom driveway gate, please take advantage of our Made to Order program, where we will give you the attention you deserve as a valued client and deliver a superior product that you will be proud of.

Custom Driveway Gate Colors

We Offer Custom Colors And finishes on Custom Driveway Gates and Fence. When you request a quote, ask about powder coat colors available for an up-charge.


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What Are the Benefits of Installing Custom Driveway Gates?

Driveway gates are designed to provide extra security for your property and family by keeping unwanted visitors out. Custom driveway gates can be designed to match the style of your home, adding to its aesthetic appeal; you would provide extra privacy, helping to keep your home and family safe. A custom driveway gate can also be automated with a remote control, making it easier to enter and exit your property. Choosing to install a custom driveway gate can be an excellent investment for your property overall.

What Hardware Do We Use for Custom Driveway Gates?

Our hardware for our custom designs is durable, reliable, and easy to install, even for a beginner. Our hinges are one-of-a-kind, top-quality, heavy-duty, and adjustable to make your life easier when you’re leveling your gate. Our posts feature easy-to-understand pre-threaded nut inserts for simple installation and clear markings so you can adjust your gate to the appropriate height. All of the hardware we use has a baked-on powder-coated enamel-like finish. We know the level of ease for installation depends on our hardware design, so we take great care to make our products the best they can be.

How Are Custom Driveway Gates Built?

Custom driveway gates can be built using various materials and techniques. The first step in creating a custom gate is to develop a design. This may involve working with an architect or a designer to create a gate that meets your specific needs and fits your home's style. Once the design is finalized, the next step is selecting the materials used to build the gate. The choice will depend on the desired appearance, budget, and durability requirements. The materials are then cut, shaped, and assembled using various techniques. Once the gate is fabricated, it will typically undergo a finishing process to protect it from the elements and give it a polished appearance. The final step in the process is to install the gate on the driveway, typically involving digging post holes, setting the posts, and attaching the gate using hinges and other hardware.

The process is seamless when it comes to custom driveway gates. We Offer Custom Colors and finishes on custom driveway gates and fences. Call Amazing Gates to inquire about different powder coat colors available for an up-charge at 1-877-313-8901.

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