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We receive beautiful photos and wonderful letters from customers every month!
Here is a sampling...enjoy!

Concord Driveway Gates
concord driveway gates

To Amazing Gates,

We are very pleased with our gate. We get so many compliments on how well it looks on our property. We installed the gate ourselves. Made a few customer service calls for help and was very pleased with the customer service we received with all of our questions. In looking for our gate we searched the internet and are so happy that we found Amazing Gates. The customer reviews and online photos are what sold us. Was a little concerned at first, being that we are in North Carolina, with the shipping from New Mexico, but everything turned out great. What is so wonderful, is that no one else in our small town has a gate that looks this great! We are enclosing a couple of photos in hopes that you can use them.

McMillan Farms

concord driveway gates

To Amazing Gates,

Been a long job but wife & I did everything ourselves except laying foundation block and bricks…which slows us down I am very very happy with the results. People actually stop on the road to tell me how nice the project looks… Feedback for your benefit: Packaging…super excellent. A great deal of time and care, along with excellent packaging material was used. I reused some cardboard from the gate box to make a box to ship to my son and the FedEx lady was very impressed by the cardboard!!! Quality: As promised. Very neat welds, perfect alignment of pickets, everything square, near perfect dimensionally (this was very important to me as I had little room for variation in my design). The parts met your prints…an excellent thing to say to an engineer. Fasteners: High quality…good stuff. The self tapping fence bracket screws are works of art!! Love the rubber washer…shows you care. Response: Great to work with…from the design of the fence sections including special fence brackets, to the advice wiring the gate opener, and resolving problems everyone has been very helpful.

Regards and Thanks,
Bob Kolhouse

Driveway Gate

concord driveway gate
12 ft. Concord Deluxe Driveway Gate with Lexington/Concord Fence, 5" posts.

concord driveway gate

Thanks Jim and Amazing Gates for the great experience of installing this gate. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and knowledgeable assistance during the process. All of the part orders were shipped complete, timely, and properly protected. Each piece fit together so nicely and Amazing Gates was able to provide all of the additional compatible accessories needed as I completed the project. The gate looks great, operates well, and I saved half the cost of hiring a professional gate company. What a deal!


Concord Driveway Gates
concord driveway gates

Hi Jim and everyone,

Thank you so much for helping me to get our gates up and running. Here they are (see the attachment pictures). From the beginning, my wife said NO, that I could not do it (due to my polio on both of my legs). But, having reading the manual and see the video from the Amazing Gates website, there is nothing to it. It's truly amazing DIY gate. There are really not complications on how to put it up. I figure if you can read the manual, then you can do it with a little help from you guys. Bottom line, If I can do it, then anybody can do it too. You guys are great. I'm so happy about your products. Thank you for saving me thousand of dollars.

Peter Le
(A very happy customer)

The new gate fits perfectly in the spot! I'm a female and did all the work myself with the exception of having the lady next door help me mount the gate. The instructions were easy to follow.

Looks great!

Thank you!
Chris Leggett

driveway gate installation

concord driveway gate

Dear Amazing Gates:

We are so pleased with your product. The installation of the gate and the solar power system couldn't have been easier. My wife and I did it ourselves (two people who have a hard time hooking up a stereo system). The directions you provided were clear and simple. Our gate draws a lot of attention to the front of our house. People drive by and even take pictures of our gate. We highly reccommend you to anyone who asks. We couldn't be happier.

The only modification we made to the gate was that we wanted to dress it up a little bit. We painted the finials copper which made for a more formal look. It was very easy since the finials come separately packaged.

This gate has increased our privacy and security and value to our home. It changed our our ordinary ranch house into an estate. We constantly get comments that we have the prettiest place in the area.

I am a licensed mason and have actually had gates custom fabricated. It is a very expensive and time-consuming process. Amazing Gates is the ONLY way I would ever have gates done again in the future.

We don't plan on moving any time soon, but if we did, you can bet our next entrance will include an Amazing Gate!

Thank you very much,

Alex and Karen
Colorado Springs

concord driveway gate
Concord in snow.

Hyde Park Drive Gate

Drive Gate
16 ft. Hyde drive gate with custom pickets.

versailles driveway gate

"The gate looks great! Customer service is also fantastic."

Joe, Marlboro, NJ

arche driveway gate
14 ft. Arche. John Loomis Construction and Concrete.

driveway gate with fence
14 ft. Concord. Customer did his own masonwork and 300 ft. fence!

Hi Steve,
Welcome to my summer project. We are thrilled with our new fence and the gate is the crowning glory. We finally got all the pieces and parts installed this weekend and it is just wonderful. Aubrey was a geat help throughout and Roberta forgave my brainlessness and got me finished off. Many people have complimented the gate, even driving in off the street to comment. If you have a small street sign, I would be happy to display it for a while. I live on one of Nashville's busiest corners so it would get a lot of exposure. I have already begun digging my post holes for the second gate. Please add the pictures to your hall of fame. If I remember right, you offered an extra mini remote in return for completed photos. That would be very nice.

John Biola

concord driveway gate
12 ft. Concord with custom spearpoints.

To All at Amazing Gates;

When we bought our gate Steve asked if we would send some photos of out gate once installed. I have attached some photos for you.

I would like start out by saying that our experience has been "great". Everyone that we have worked with has been very professional and all are very knowledgeable about your short everyone is great to work with. If everyone that has a business treated their customers like Amazing Gates it would be a better market place.

We are still awaiting the stone masons to come and finish our gate columns so our gate is still under construction but I wanted to get the photos to you as we discussed.

Thank you very much for everything that you and your staff have done for us. In closing I would like to say one more thing and that Steve Bueche is a man of his word so a big thank you to Steve.

William Huffman

concord driveway gate
12 ft Concord Deluxe

Just wanted to let you know that I finally have the gate and opener up and running. I have attached a few photos. Thanks again, I am very happy with the gate and was able to install it myself (with a little help from Roberta).

~ Terry Cochran

Dear Amazing Gates:

You certainly selected an appropriate name for your business as your gates are truly amazing. From the ordering process, to delivery, to installation this was really an amazingly easy and supportive process. I was very skeptical about ordering automatic gates from an online business, but I was impressed with your web site and decided to give it a try. Your sales representative was very helpful with the ordering process and provided me with an order sheet to review my order before it was placed to be sure everything was correct. The delivery company was incredibly organized with the driver contacting me on the morning of the scheduled delivery to confirm the time of delivery. He also provided a follow-up call the same day to inform me of his progress and verify the delivery time. Even though he was not expected to help unload, he very helpful with the unloading process. With the gates unloaded I opened the materials for inspection and was very impressed with the quality of the gates, openers, and the completeness of the order.

With my driveway going up hill to the house and not level from side to side I was concerned about the ease of installation. However, with your helpful on-line videos the installation could not have been any easier. I believe that almost anyone following your video instructions would have no difficulty installing your gates. Your posts with the guiding dots for height and your Amazing hinge brackets make the process incredibly easy to complete.

Thank you for your amazing product and support.

Don Hughes

driveway gate installation

Athena Driveway Gate Cole
16ft. Hyde Park

Attached are photos of the Amazing Gate that we just installed. Our gate (16 foot Concord bi-parting) was a breeze to install. In fact the hardest part was getting the holes deep enough to set the gate posts. We live in the midlands of South Carolina and near the fall line so we have abundant shale and slate rock just inches under the soil’s surface. The openers were very easy to install and we are very happy with our entire purchase. The solar option was simple to install as well and with the large control box that was recommended, we had room to install a deep cycle marine battery to operate our gates year round.

Edgefield, SC

driveway gate installation

Dear Ken,

Attached is a picture of our completed electric gate. It is a great feeling to see the project come together and for everything to work.

Your gate, posts fence sections and all the equipment necessary to install and operate the gate fit together as planned. The instructions and manuals were excellent and facilitated the installation. Additionally, the excellent assistance from you, Aubrey, David Sandoval, Brad, and Steve Bueche, resolved the minor problems we had as they occurred. Thanks to all for their able and professional support.

Best regards,

Bill Cole

Athena Driveway Gate Cole

MTO Athena

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to send you a photo of our gates out here in Bucks County PA. We're lovin' em.

Henry and Pamela

driveway gate installation

Dear Amazing Gates:

It has been about a year since I purchased the gates from you, but I wanted to wait until the house was complete before I sent you any pictures. I could not be happier with the style, quality, finish and look of the Amazing Gates. Although I did not install them myself, the professional who did was equally impressed with the quality. I have received many comments about the gates and how they look that my neighbor is thinking about installing a set of gates also. Your sales associate could not have been more helpful with my dozen of questions about the proper size, opener, and call box.

Thank you for adding value and security to my home. If I or anyone else every inquires about purchasing a gate, I WILL LET THEM KNOW, AMAZING GATES IS THE WAY TO GO!

driveway gate installation

Athena Driveway Gate Cole

Blake Athena

driveway gate installation

"I have been very impressed with the reliability of the solar/battery powered gate."

Michael Shawn, Redding, CA

"We are very pleased with it and it looks amazing."

Sand Castle Winery

Dear Jim,

I would like to thank your company for creating such a great product. From design to installation, everything was perfect. I installed my gate and all of its electronics last week. It took me a day longer than expected but that is usually the case anyway. Everything was delivered successfully and in excellent shape. After watching your online video and following your step by step instructions I was able to install the gate with no problems at all. With the exception of requiring help to set the poles and lift the gate, I did this project almost entirely by my self. My only advice to future buyers is to read the instruction fully! I was truly amazed at how everything fit together so well and how truly easy it was to install my gate. I did have my doubts as to whether or not I could do it but as I stand back and look at the gate and watch it work perfectly, I wonder why I had any doubts at all.

Thanks guys!!! (And to think I almost bought locally. Ha!)

Redmond, WA

Essex 12 ft Driveway Gate

"...The gate looks absolutely fabulous!" (Essex 12ft) ~ Rich, Colville, WA

Dear Ken,

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your staff for all that you have done to support me in the installation of my gate.

It has all been a very positive experience for me, from my original contact with Jim Harlan helping me to purchase the proper equipment for my particular application. I also want to mention David Sandoval, his assistance in helping me to understand the various questions I've had during the installation has been invaluable.

Thanks for all that Amazing Gates has done for me. I am completely satisfied with my gate. I would recommend your company to any prospective customer.

When the snow clears I will send you some pictures of my installation.

Thanks for everything.


Gerald Keyes

Hi Rick

Just a note to say I just received and unpacked my gates. I am really pleased with the quality of the gates and all the hardware. The gates are better quality than I had hoped for. The packaging was great also. I will install them in the spring, and forward a picture at that time.

Thanks for great service and a great product. I will be showing them to my friends.

Merry Christmas
Ed Andrews

More Customer Installation Photos...

Concord Deluxe 14ft

"Your gates are Amazing! When the gates arrive I couldn't believe my eyes -- the quality and workmanship was much better than I expected!"

~ Richard,
Tuscan Heights Lavendar Gardens

Hardy (Concord Deluxe 16ft), Naples, Florida

Single Swing "MTO" Spice Rust Athena custom diagonal bars.

12 ft. Essex

Dent Essex Gate, Meadville, PA

Driveway Gate
Lexington 12ft Single Swing

Davis Concord Gate, Las Cruces, NM

Lingle Camino Real, Ranchos de Taos, NM

Hartweg Athena, Lexington, IL

Pontiff Playground Versailles, Metairie, LA

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Letters from Customers:

To all at Amazing Gates:

Who can I write to, to share my very positive experience with Amazing Gates? I am so glad I did this. You guys are real pros, and have really lived up to everything you have said. And you have saved us close to 80% of what it would have cost us had we hired someone locally to install this electric gate. But your customer service, and quick, helpful, knowledgeable and effective feedback, has made all the difference.

Thank You!

Paul Z.


I installed my gates today. I have probably run over a million feet of fence in my life and hundreds of gates. I must tell you that these were the easiest gate I have ever worked with. I did the whole job by myself. Once they were hung they were off just a little. After a few adjustments with the hinge bolts they are perfect. I can't believe that it was so easy. Thank you so much.

Sean R. McAnally

To all at Amazing gates:

Just wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure is was dealing with your company. You, Jim, made sure I had the products, or material that I needed to complete my job on time. I installed all the equipment, and had a problem with the electrical board, I then talked to David in technical support, he responded quickly with a solution and I was able to complete my job and make my customers happy!!

Your staff is outstanding! Everyone from the receptionist, shipping, sales, and technical support. Please commend all your staff on a job well done!! Your equipment speaks for itself and is working great. Look forward to dealing with you on my next job.

Thank You,

Larry Oney
Oney's Maintenance Service

Dear Amazing Gates,

I can't tell you how impressed I have been with the entire process. From the design stage, to delivery to the support on the phone. What a smooth well calculated process. And for the packaging and shipping you should call your shipping department the Amazing shippers. Wow were we impressed. As for the install, well, for a do-it-yourselfer like I am it was as easy as 123.

New Jersey Shore

"The gate is great!" ~ James
Pool Garden Gate

We have received a lot of nice comments about the gates and the fence on the wall... I really thank you ever so much for the outstanding support and advice. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found you and worked with you.

So in all, I wanted to let you know that you are great people to work with and I will be happy to be your reference to any of your future customers.


Jessica Garden Gate, New Philadelphia, OH

Dear Mr. Helfer,

Recently we purchased an electric gate and various controls from your company. We discovered on the Internet and decided to take a chance. What a delight it has been working with you and your knowledgeable and helpful staff. It is not often that one deals with a business that is so prompt and true to their word. Even your "after the payment" service and advice has been superb.

Congratulations on being a cut above the rest.

Mr. & Mrs. Z.
Los Gatos, California

Beverly Garden Gate, Oceanside, CA

Dear Mr. Helfer
I am writing this letter as a recent and satisfied purchaser of one of your gates and to bring to your attention two of your employees who deserve special thanks and commendations through all my contacts with your company.

First of all Russell, who was patient in explaining every technical aspect and answered all of my questions over a period of several months, and was the deciding factor in my determination to purchase a gate from your company rather than any other company.

But especially Desiree Atencio, who, when the RE-1 circuit board had to be replaced as defective, was incredibly courteous, charming, patient and responsive to my inquiries. Desiree followed through in seeing that the defective board was replaced, telephoned me to advise of its availability, its shipment date from the distributor, and the expected arrival date.

In this world of incompetent employees, "hurry up", "get the money", ignore the purchaser after the sale", and "leaving messages on answering machines", dealing with such a special employee as Desiree was a welcome experience.

I thought these outstanding employees should be brought to your attention.

Sincerely yours,
East Hampton, NY

Dear Ken,

Please accept this letter as my "thanks" for your honest, informative assistance with my recent gate selection. After spending many weeks researching available products and providers, I decided to contact your company because it appeared to offer a unique "system approach" to automatic gates. I was pleased to find that you not only offer complete systems but also a wealth of knowledge about how to configure a system for a particular application. The time you spend talking with me gave me the opportunity to properly understand available options to avoid potential pitfalls.

Installation of the gate and all components was straight-forward, and your attention to details such as ground clearance and equipment mount locations allowed for flawless operation from the start. Those little extras like the screwdriver for fine-tuning the gate operator added to the ease of the project.

Throughout my career I have strived to put client service and satisfaction ahead of personal wishes. There is no question in my mind that you have done the same. I am confident that you will enjoy much success as you continue to provide your unique, hands-on "total system" approach to customers such as me. Thanks again!

Sincerely Yours,

Hugh Barnwell, South Carolina


I received the gates and they were in excellent condition.

A friend of mine helped me install the gates. The best thing I can say is "my wife loves the amazing gate" she smiles when she opens and closes the gate.

We both are truly happy we purchased our gates and would recommend the Amazing Gates to anyone.

Thanks for your professional manner when I placed my order.