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Send us a Digital Photo of your installation for a Free Remote Transmitter!

At Amazing Gates we are proud of the quality of our products - but they really look best after our customers add their handiwork. Everyone likes to see how other gate and fence installations turn out and since we ship gates all over the country, it’s not a simple thing to go take pictures ourselves.


You send us a few pictures of your Amazing Gates gate installation and we'll send you a free single button remote transmitter.


gate photo example

Please use a digital camera. Photos from phone cameras are of inferior quality.

Send us the raw image, not a compressed or smaller version.


To send us your pictures, please send them to:
(this email will accept larger files)

If you prefer to send film photos, please send them to our address below (please send quality copies so that we can keep them).

Be sure to include your name and shipping address for the clicker with your email. And please tell us what you thought about the installation or our products. This helps other customers know what to expect. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery, though typically your wait time will be much shorter.


If your gate image is very good, we may end up showing it on our gate product page for that style. We will most likely add your image to our Customer Photo Gallery page. We may place it on other parts of our website or in printed materials, or include in our featured projects section of our newsletter. By sending us your photos, you agree that we are free to use them in our publications.

Physical Mailing Address
Amazing Gates of America
8617 Paseo Alameda NE
Bernalillo, New Mexico 87113

Tips for Good Gate Pictures

1) Background: In order to see the detail of the gate, try to stand where the background color would be in contrast to the gate color. This allows for the detail of the gate to be seen. If there is no good background contrast, opt for the nicest looking shot. Try from a few different spots.

2) Lighting: The best time of day is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. where the light hits the side of the gate you are shooting. A cloudy day is even better!

3) Resolution: The higher the digital resolution, the better. Please don't edit the image or decrease the size from the original shot unless it is more than 2MB in size. If you're not sure what we mean, just try to send the picture as is but be sure to attach only one picture per email to If you don't receive your clicker within 4 weeks, it may be that we never received your email (so drop us a line and let us know).