Solar-Powered Gate Openers: Pros and Cons

Solar-Powered Gate Openers: Pros and Cons

Solar-powered gate openers give you an alternative to electric gate openers. While being an excellent option for sunnier regions, solar openers won’t be the best match for every property.

At Amazing Gates, we want you to pick the best gate opener for your property’s needs. Before investing in a solar-powered gate opener, here’s what you need to consider.

What’s a solar-powered gate opener?

Solar-powered gate openers rely on rechargeable batteries connected to solar panels. These openers are invaluable to those wanting gate automation without needing an electrical source.

These types of gate openers do require an abundant sunlight source. To work effectively, the solar panel must receive enough sunlight to keep the battery charged for nighttime use.

Pros of Solar-Powered Gate Openers


The most significant advantage of solar-powered gate openers is that they are eco-friendly renewable devices.

Most of the electricity generated in the US comes from fossil fuel sources such as coal or natural gas. These sources produce large amounts of greenhouse gases that are released into our atmosphere.

Unlike electric gate openers, solar openers don’t need electricity and don’t cause any pollution. This makes these openers the perfect choice for those wanting eco-friendly alternatives.

Energy Savings

Since solar-powered gates don’t use electricity, you automatically save money on your electric bills. Solar gate automation is an excellent choice for those that want convenience without long-term costs.

Power Outage Resistant

If you have an electric gate opener, you may be locked out during a power outage. Worst yet, your gate may be stuck open, allowing anyone to enter your property.

Solar-powered gates are immune to power outages since they don’t rely on electricity.

Solar Power Rebates

Most of us think that the federal tax credit only applies to rooftop solar installations. What you may not know is that it also applies to your solar gate opener installation.

The Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics is also known as the Income Tax Credit (ITC). Any solar-powered installation systems done in 2022 and 2023 will receive a 30% tax credit.

That means you can get back 30% of your solar-powered gate installation costs!

Same Choices for Accessories

Choosing solar-powered gate automation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the types of accessories you want to have. You can select any kind of remote or stationary opener, lights, cameras, and alarms. 

Many solar-powered gate openers now come with apps for remote control.

Cons of Solar-Powered Gate Openers

Limited Power

Unlike electric openers, solar-powered openers have a limited power source. This means there are only so many times it can open and close a gate before it runs out of power.

It shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t use your gate that much. If you need to open and close your gate continuously, especially at night, a solar opener may not be the best choice.

You’ll also run into issues if there are multiple days without sun.

To avoid these issues, install your solar system to be backed up by electricity.

Increased Maintenance

Solar-powered gate openers require more maintenance. Solar panels must be cleaned throughout the year, especially after snow and dust storms.

Any trees or shrubs near the solar panel must be trimmed back to ensure they don’t obstruct the panel.

Higher Installation Costs

Currently, many solar-powered opening systems cost more to install than electric openers. As these systems become more popular, installation costs will hopefully lower. In the meantime, now is a good time to install a solar-powered gate opener to redeem that federal tax credit before the program ends.

Dependent on Property

Since the solar panels need to be installed near the gate, a solar-powered system may not work for the gate’s location. If the solar panel is unable to get enough continuous sun throughout the year, then a solar-powered gate won’t work for your property.

Reduced Solar Battery Capacity

Solar batteries tend to be more sensitive to extreme weather conditions. The optimal temperature range for solar batteries is between 66 and 90 degrees. Solar batteries either need to be replaced sooner or removed during extreme temperatures for those living in regions with harsh winters or scorching summers.

This makes having a backup electricity source necessary for solar-powered gates to work in these conditions.

Thinking a solar-powered gate opener will work for you?

Whether choosing a solar-powered or electric gate opener, Amazing Gates has you covered. We offer the highest quality openers at reasonable prices. Plus, we can make you a customized gate to work with your new opener.

Contact us today to order your new solar-powered gate opener.

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