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Amazing Gates has made gate installation as easy as possible to save you time and money. Thousands of DIY homeowners have successfully installed a gate system for the first time using our gates and hardware (see what customers actually say). By installing the gate yourself you can typically save between $2000 and $5000. In most cases, the only requirements are a few tools and some handyman experience.

Tools you'll need:

  • Wrench
  • Plumb Line and Level
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Shovel
  • Wheel barrel
  • For a better illustration, see our installation videos

You can do it!
Many others have done it.

The basic steps for installation of a swing driveway gate:

  1. Call 811: Before digging, call 811 to be sure you won't hit any utility lines.
  2. Set the Posts: Set the 2 gate posts to the correct distance apart and proper height in concrete (see the appropriate gate spec drawing in our Driveway Gates section) and make sure they’re level and plumb. Let set overnight. (Digging times vary due to nature of the soil. Measuring multiple times is also highly recommended!)
  3. Mount the Hinges: Our posts are pre-drilled and threaded so all you do is screw them into the holes. (Takes about 10 minutes or less.)
  4. Hang the Gate: You will need a helper for this (for most gates and sizes). Our gates mount easily onto the heavy duty hinges. Adjust the hinges a bit with a wrench to fine tune the level of the gate leaves. (Takes about 15 minutes or less.)
  5. Mount the Opener: Bolt on our gate opener brackets and mount the opener on the brackets. (Takes about 20 minutes.)
  6. Hook up Accessories: Wire the desired access controls such as a keypad, exit sensor and gate reversing photo eye. (Download appropriate Product Manuals and/or Installation Guides) (Times vary according to equipment chosen.)
  7. Test the system: See that the gates open and close together, meet in the middle, and devices work as expected. Be sure to follow the instructions in the manuals.

For sliding gate installation, see our sliding gates section and videos.

Gate installation is not as hard as you think. Doing It Yourself really can save thousands of dollars and you'll be even more proud of your new entryway! But don't just take it from us, listen to our customers.

"The new gate fits perfectly in the spot! I'm a female and did all the work myself with the exception of having the lady next door help me mount the gate. The instructions were easy to follow."

~ Chris Leggett