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Our gate hardware is designed to be durable, reliable and easy to install for a Do-It-Yourselfer or a professional installer. Our hinges are top quality, heavy duty adjustable hinges to make leveling your gate as simple as a few wrench turns. Our posts feature pre-threaded nut inserts for simple installation of the hinges, and clear markings for the appropriate gate height. All of our hardware has a baked-on powder coated enamel-like finish. We know your ease of installation depends on our hardware design and we take great care to make our products the best they can be. If you have any questions, please give our friendly staff a call: 1-877-313-8901.

5" driveway gate hinge post for biparting swing gates $170.00

5" driveway gate latch post for single swing gates $165.00

Driveway gates hinges $95.00 (PR)

Gooseneck mounting posts for keypad entry $111

2-1/2" fence posts $49

Wrap 2.5" 2-1/2" Wrap Around Bracket For Rackable Fence $3.50

Line Post Fence Bracket For 2-1/2" Post $1.30

U Bracket For Rackable Fence (For Cleaner Look With No Bands Showing) $1.30

Swivel Bracket For Welded Fence With 1-1/2" Rails $2.25

Standard Fence Panel Bracket For Welded 1-1/2" Rail $1.25

Pedestrian gate hinge post $49.00

Safety gate hinges $65

Predestrain gate hinges, adjustable TCAMA1 $75

Garden gate toggle latch $25

Safety pool gate magnalatch $98

Heavy Duty Drop Rod - can be locked with a padlock $35

Locinox Luky Latch 4040 $295

Locklatch magnetic gate lock $149

Security brands magnetic lock $350

AG-900 solar kit (includes charge controller, 20 watt solar panel and 7 amp battery) $545.00 (includes charge controller, 20 watt solar panel and 7 amp battery)

Solar charge controller $69.00 (if purchased separately)

Gatemaster 20watt solar panel with bracket $149.00 (if purchased separately)

Gatemaster 14 amp battery for AG-900 solar gate openers $72.00 (if purchased separately)

Shipping Information

Our products are crated with care and shipped LTL directly to your home or business. For substantial savings on shipping costs, we recommend picking your order up at the freight terminal.For more information

10 Years Limited Warranty

All Amazing Gates of America gates come with a 10-Year Limited Warranty against manufactured defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Damage caused by improper installation or use will void the 10-Year Limited Warranty.For more information

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