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Welcome to Deer Defence, LLC.

A NEW DEER FENCE has been introduced to the public. Never before has there been such extensive research and development yielding results on a relatively new problem called: Deer Exclusion. Finally, there is an answer....Deer DeFence, LLC.

We are committed to being the leaders in the industry. We recognized back in 1997 that this problem of Deer Exclusion was not being addressed, although many companies were reaping benefits by selling repellents, fencing and a host of other gadgets, none of which worked!

Deer DeFence, LLC recently completed A FIVE YEAR STUDY..... consisting of thousands of hours of field research and testing, observing changing deer habits and habitats, material workability and invisibility, strength and impact analysis, and much more. This study is the first of its kind and because the industry is so new, there has never been a product, repellent or fence, that has worked long-term, 20-30 yrs. NOW THERE IS! Deer Defence has partnered with Amazing Gates to provide solutions to address the problem of unwanted deer on residential property. Along with products we have carried to solve this problem, we have expanded to include Gate and Fence styles offered through Amazing Gates.

We look forward to helping you select the right product for your situation. You can visit our website by clicking below or you can contact us at 203-550-8350.

The Buck Stops Here!