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Know that you are secure in the hands of Adonai.

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Welcome to Adonai Security Plus, LLC.
Adonai Security has been in business since 1999. Larry DeGrie, owner, started out in the alarm industry  working for the largest authorized dealer in 1996. This Dealer was focused on only one facet of the Alarm industry. Larry saw a need in the market for additional offerings. Thus was the birth of Adonai Security, LLC. After growing at a rapid pace, Larry realized quickly that the company needed to make some changes to meet the demands of the public.  Adonai  Security Plus, LLC was launched in May of 2012.  We are proud to say that Adonai Security Plus, LLC is a Security company that is ready to   listen to what your need is and find the solution. We are proud to partner with Amazing Gates in their new Dealership Program to better provide solutions for meeting your Access Control needs.