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Westgate Driveway Gates

More and more people are turning to automation, not only in their lives, work place but in the way their home is run via automated heating, Lighting etc. Its no different when it comes to your entrance way. Automated driveway gates create the perfect security and design along with the ease of use through automation. When you arrive home after a long day at work, the last thing you can be bothered doing is getting out of your car to open your gate, especially if the weather is on wet and miserable side. This is why most people prefer to get remote control gates for their homes, the gates are installed along with a car remote control.

Amazing Gates in Johannesburg

Driveway Gates Driveway Gates

WESTGATE MANUFACTURING 083 6294562 Established in 1984 IRON DRIVEWAY & PEDESTRIAN GATES Gates provide access to and from a property as well as a convenient entrance point for both vehicles and pedestrians. Because the entrance to any property sets the tone for what is to follow, the right gates add value and street appeal to your home or business, and for gates that create the right impression, look no further than timeless iron gates hand forged by the team at WESTGATE GATES Wrought iron has been a long appreciated outdoor building material for centuries. When used as part of a fence and gate design, it brings an authoritative presence to any property. Quality iron is also a product that will last a lifetime. The strength of our iron gates means they will stand up to all weather, including the harsh climates of South Africa Bi Parting, Swinging and Sliding Gates Our gates are so much more than just a way to restrict access. With our personalised design service we can custom create unique styles of gates to suit the design of your home aesthetic preferences. From regal spears, horizontal and vertical columns, sweeping curves and intricate twists and spirals, Westgate can tailor a specific solution to suit your needs. Our iron gates are an important feature of any property and are built to stand the test of time. Wrought iron has the potential to capture many artistic styles including Art Nouveau, Art Deco,Gothic and even Baroque styles and imposing entrance are the perfect place to command attention and make the right impression. Gates with Strength and Security With robust protective coatings and an expert installation your iron gates will offer your home the strength and stability you can only expect from the expertise of the iron specialists at Westgate,while boosting the perimeter security of any property.